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Make a Pilgrimage to Purify Your Mind, Body and Soul

If you are vexed up of your daily routine, high stress life and polluted living environs, you must plan a pilgrimage to some sacred places. The good thing is that you can add a dash of sightseeing and adventure to your holy trips and enjoy rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. Tirupati and Goa are great places to make such trips.

Tirupati darshan is considered one of the holiest of all pilgrimages in the world. The reigning deity, Lord Venkateshwara is revered with immense faith. When you visit Tirupati, make sure that you book your Tirupati online booking darshan slot online as well as accommodation well ahead of the trip because the place is crowded with thousands of devotees all round the year. After you finish the darshan, plan to spend some time in the healing and soothing surroundings of the Tirumala hills. A trip to Horsely Hills, located about 140km away from Tirupati, is always worth it. Horsely Hills is a beautiful hill station with stunning views of the forests. Adventure activities are also available here and you can spend some quality time in the company of trees, misty clouds and a thrill of adrenaline if you choose to indulge in these thrilling sports.

Goa is an unconventional pilgrimage center. But the place has more than a hundred temples and some very unique ones dating back to 5th century AD. Temple of Lord Brahma is a must visit. Besides visiting the spiritual centers during a trip to Goa, the beaches here give you ample opportunities for fun and adventure. Check out the many beaches and revel in the fun.

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Visit Manali to Experience the Benefits of Its Medicinal Hot Spr

Himalayas are known to contain rich medicinal herbs and the springs which originate amidst these regions are infused with healing powers from these herbs and soils. Manali, which is located in the Himalayan range, contains several such springs. Several thousands of people visit Manali every year to bathe in these springs and benefit from their medicinal powers. In order to make it easier for such visitors, Manali tour packages has constructed special baths and pools in which water from these springs are pumped. These springs are sulfur rich and hence, have a number of medicinal benefits.

Manikaran, which is located around seventy kilometers from Manali, is a place which is famed for its hot springs. Visitors can see bubbling and boiling water emerging from the ground. Ironically, these springs exist close to rivers with freezing water. The contradiction is vry interesting to watch. The water in these springs is so hot that rice and lentils can be cooked in it. In fact, when you visit Manikaran, you can see the locals bundle raw rice in cloth bags and lower them into these hot spring wells. Within a few minutes, the food is cooked. Further, since the water is medicinal, the food is infused with healing qualities. Besides Manikaran, Vashisht is another place where hot springs are present.

When you go on a Manali tour, make it a point to have a dip in these hot water springs. The healing powers of these springs, along with the comfort of hotels in Manali, are sure to make your holiday not only completely rejuvenating but also very healing.

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Himachal Tourism – A Heart-Touching Blend of Nature and Culture

Exploring gorgeous attractions of Himachal tourism, you’ll very soon understand why this place is dubbed as a “Natural Paradise” and why it allures thousands of travelers annually. Take a week or more in spare to discover true essence of this lovely state and you collect a handful of enchanting memories to cherish in future. Plan your trip with a Himachal tour package for a delightful vacation amid real lap of nature and luxury.

This lovely state is nestled in arms of North Indian Himalaya and is famous for its stainless natural beauty, soothing weather year-round and enticing traditions. Dense green jungles, gushing rivers & waterfalls, brawny peaks and colorful valleys adorn the state, making it a treasure trove for nature-lovers. There are plenty of places to visit on when you’re in Himachal. Most of them are hill stations; however numerous historical sites and religious destinations are also worth exploring.

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is one must-visit attraction of Himachal. Breathtaking scenery, lovely neo-gothic architectures and inviting modernism in Shimla make it a favorite haunt for vacationers, especially the nature-lovers and honeymoon couples. Beautiful Kufri is another popular destination renowned for its wonderful; scenic beauty and interesting wildlife. Also, this place is famous for various adventures and winter sports. Heavenly charm of Dalhousie, with its superb natural splendors and Victorian architecture, also dazzles all its visitors. Moreover, Manali, Kullu, Rohtang and Dharamshala are not-to-miss attractions of Himachal tourism.

A range of Himachal tour packages being available, planning for Himachal tour is not a tough job. Searching over Internet, you can get your suited deals for Himachal tour.

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Ladakh Tour - Feel To Be On The Top Of India

Scaling the mighty Himalaya, to be on the top of the world, to feel hair-raising elevation at icy peaks and exploring colorful Tibetan cultures – it sounds like a dream. Welcome to Leh Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir! A dream land for wanderers, Ladakh is the most spectacular destination India with an incredible natural beauty lying there. Verdant valleys with stunning views of snow-laden peaks, frozen streams and glaciers, dense mystic forests and incredible rugged terrains in Ladakh leave all its visitors dazzled. Artistically built and thematically adorned, Buddhist monasteries are ubiquitous in Ladakh, representing its rich cultural heritage. Wandering around lively markets and streets gives a sense of pleasure during Leh Ladakh tour.

Prepare for icy cold winds if you’re here for trekking or other adventures. Your feet are sleeping and perfidious glaciers are challenging you to cross over, but the beauty around you is so tempting that you don’t think about risks even for a bit. And reaching at the top is a kind of special feel you never wish to forget about.

This beautiful region is a safe place to visit on. Just keep some basic precautions and you and your belongings are safe. People are warm and friendly, and are always ready to help travelers. You’ll find military cantonments every 50-80 kms. However, this is due to the crucial location of this place: right on international border between India and China. While visiting Leh Ladakh, you must have your identification documents. For entering some remote areas, permission from local authority is mandatory. Today, many tour agencies offer tour package for leh Ladakh. However, no matter you’re buying package for Leh Ladakh tour or a Shimla tour, you should buy it from a reliable source.

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Puri - Undergo True Spiritualism, Serenity & Solitude

One of holy ‘Char Dhams’ in India, Jagannath is an extremely auspicious site for Hindus. The divine destination is nestled in Indian state of Orissa, and is dedicated to lord Jagannath along with his brother Balabhadra Deva and Sister Devi Subhadhra. Annually, thousands of devotees from across the country visit here to pay homage to these great deities. And with availability of Jagannath Puri packages, the popularity of this sedate site is increasing more and more.

A place to encounter true spiritualism, serenity and solitude, Puri is a must-visit spot for every Hindu. The center of attraction is undoubtedly the main temple of Sri Jagannath, which was built in 11th century by great king Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva – the progenitor of the Eastern Ganga dynasty. At the time of famous annual Rath Yatra, a huge crowd of pilgrims from varied regions and religions gather in Puri. At that time, the three deities are hauled on huge and exquisitely decorated carts.

An amazing idol of lord Jagannath is placed inside the temple. Artistically carved and decorated, this icon is with large round eyes and with stumps as hands. Made of wood, the icon is an exception to common Hindu iconographic deities of stone. The temple itself is a wonder with its exquisite design, though the sight of pilgrims, sages and people of all walks and ages make for an exuberant festivity.

Along with main temple, Jaganath Puri has numerous destinations to visit on. Lovingly beaches, excellent parks & gardens and amazing animal reserve in/around the town attract a notable number of travelers. Hotels in Puri range from five-star to budget-friendly ones, and offer accommodation for everyone. Buying a suitable package for Puri Jagannath, one can ensure a delightful trip to this heavenly realm.

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